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PD-8Ci Planar “Zero bezel” Ceiling Speakers (Pair)


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Super performance 8” Kevlar Neo Woofer and adjustable Neo3PDR Planar Ribbon Tweeter. 50Hz – 25kHz, 88dB, 8 Ohms, 150 WRMS. 10.69” x 10.69” x 4.75”. 3.3 lbs. BG Radia’s award-winning planar Ribbon Tweeter driver delivers wide dispersion, transparent balanced coverage, and an extra wide “sweet spot”. Best-in-class performance with superb imaging and accuracy using the legendary Neo3 mid high planar driver. Ultra high-performance Kevlar woofer produces a warm full body low frequency. Rugged, reinforced frame and rust-resistant metal grills.

Additional Information
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in
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1 review for PD-8Ci Planar “Zero bezel” Ceiling Speakers (Pair)

  1. Jon

    “After preparing properly the ceiling cavity to install this ceiling speaker I was amazed at the performance! So neutral and transparent, perfect for Atmos surround!” Jason M, Boston MA

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